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About Nutrition

This information is to serve as a guideline to feeding your children for optimum performance during the week as well as race days.

No one knows your child better than you, pay close attention to what he/she eats and

how it affects their performance. Did they seem sluggish; Did they seem more energetic than usual; Did something upset their stomachs; Did they have a headache after working out. Take note of these questions especially when trying something new.

Timing is everything. It is very important that the food is digested before practice/race day. If time allows, a meal should be eaten at least 2-3 hours before practice/race and the child should be well hydrated before arrival. However, we do not live in a perfect world and sometimes eating on the way to the event can happen. When it does, a snack is more appropriate not a meal.

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Breakfast Breakfast
Lunch And Dinner Lunch And Dinner

Please remember good nutrition and preparation begin days before the event not the day of or the night before. Please stress the importance of staying hydrated.

Snacks Snacks
Food For Track Meets Food For Track Meets

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