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Our Staff

Our RPM Legacy staff are skilled in the areas of fitness, strength and conditioning, general nutrition and performance-related nutrition. Having a solid foundation in these key areas put our staff in a favorable position as it relates to advancing towards meeting the goals to accomplish the vision for our program. Most importantly, our staff members are experienced with interacting with young children. There is a different level of patience required when dealing with the different needs of high school, middle school, and elementary school children. Our staff members are able to effectively communicate our objectives to children of varying backgrounds, ages, cultures and athletic skills and abilities. They are able to motivate these children to be their best, not only in fitness and nutrition, but in life as well. Our staff members are able to effectively promote these children to a position where they have high self-esteem and ultimately become the leaders of positive influence in our community.

President and Head Coach, Jessie L. Woods, Jr.

Vice President, Sprints and Middle Distance Coach, Cecil Williams

Vice President, Long Jump Coach, Anthony Beasley

Sprints and Relay Coach, Bryron Ward

Middle Distance Coach, Fred Garrett, Daniel Hahn

Field Events, Mark Adams

Hurdles, Tamurrah Brown

Treasurer, Trainer and Nutritionist, Kimberly Kennedy- Woods

Administrative Team:

Lead, Ayonna Mason